Tarnagulla 'Out "N" About' - Sunday 30th September 2012.

The following page contains the flyers and a review of the wonderful day that was 'Tarnagulla Out "N" About' 2012.
Thanks to David Gordon for the writeup.
We're looking forward to the next one already!

Tarnagulla Out n About

Out "N" About in Tarnagulla

A great day has been planned & will include;
• Detector Key Hunt 
• Goldfields Bike Ride
• Historic Walk
• Wildflower Photographic Walk
• Scavenger Hunt
• Food, Drinks & Stalls
• CFA BBQ fundraiser.

Further infomation can be found on the
 official flyer here!

Come along and enjoy this unique event!

In conjunction with Out "N" About in Tarnagulla,
a group of us at Tarnagulla.com are also putting on a TARNAGULLA HISTORY display
& we'd love you to be invovled!

You are invited to join us for a day of Tarnagulla and District History
at theVictoria Theatre, Tarnagulla, from 10.00am to 4.00pm
on Sunday, 30 September 2012.
We'll have many samples of our material on display and we'd certainly love to see any photos and memorabilia you may have.  
We'll have electronic scanning facilities and cameras available to permanently
preserve the history, so bring your photos and pictures of the
 town and district and your families and any memorabilia. We can scan or
photograph them and where appropriate put them on the Tarnagulla
and / or the Waanyarra websites where they will remain preserved
and available for everyone to access.
In particular, we have lots of photos of Tarnagulla Reunions,
 and we need your help in identifying all the people in them. 

A review of the day...

The weather was great (despite the forecast!), the Victoria Theatre was full of interesting things to look at, and the only question was how many visitors would turn up.

Parking in the main street and surrounds became hard to find from an early hour, and by the time I opened the Theatre doors at 9:30am (half an hour earlier than advertised), visitors started to filter in and, to our great surprise and pleasure, kept coming and coming.

We were less than vigilant in getting people to sign the attendance book, but there are still well over 100 names recorded. I estimate an attendance on the day of more than 250, and many people stayed for hours and hours reading, looking, chatting and so on.

The old Theatre looked great and is of course worth a visit in its own right. We were able to supplement the existing photo collection with quite a bit of additional material, including a selection of the old Reunion photos, which attracted a great deal of interest.

In addition to this, many, many people brought along historic material of their own. Our intention had initially been to scan up as much of this as possible but, as it turned out, we were simply overwhelmed by the volume. (We could have used four scanners going all day, I reckon). My apologies to those people I/we were simply unable to spend more time with in going over their important records, and I hope we can make arrangements with you to do so separately over coming months.

It's risky to name names because I'm certain to forget someone, but I must thank those that helped with the set-up and bump-out including Phil Spencer (who did a magnificent job with the rolling video display, signage, scanning, etc.), Rod Corrie (who came up from Geelong for the two days), Richard and Trish Shiell for their lovely collection of Aulich/Pallot/Brideson material, George Swinburne (always a solid contributor and also convenor of the Waanyarra reunions) and Cameron Clark who wasn't able to be there on the day but provides a great deal of support via the website and so on.

We were able to put many, many names to faces on the Reunion Photographs, and a great deal of credit for this is due to Norma Condick and Heather Perry (Win and Les Williams Family) who laboured away for hours with magnifying glasses. The results of their efforts will be posted on the website over coming weeks, so keep an eye out for his.

Peter Williams brought along the family's entire collection of old photos and there is some great material here which we will need to arrange with Peter to copy and put up on the website. There are some particularly nice old large-format photos of Thomson and Comrie's Exchange Store, and these certainly need to be preserved.

The Charles Baker (ex-postmaster, among other things) family had some nice pictures and documents as did Coral and Des Akers, Wilma and Dave Evans, Edna Arnold, Keren and Dennis Carnell, and the list goes on and on. If I've forgotten you, I apologise. It was a very, very busy day.

I must pass on a vote of thanks to the Victoria Hall Committee, all the Out 'n About team including Jan King, Jan Sharman and the others, Wendy Sutton and the CFA team for the nicely-cooked sausages and also Robyn Vella of the Shire of Loddon who was so helpful to us. I must also mention Councillor Allen Brownbill and his partner who very kindly helped with the theatre pack-up. Allen is of course very supportive in many ways.

I have several photos of the days activities which I'll post up over coming days (now available in the photo album).

All the best,
David Gordon.