Tarnagulla and Waanyarra Cemeteries CD

This is a beauty! Tom & Libby Luke and Ian & Pat Belmont have put together a wonderful record of the Tarnagulla and Waanyarra cemeteries. This isn't a standard list of transcriptions - but a multimedia CD complete with photos and maps of the cemeteries. It's also more than just pictures of headstones on a CD.

To start with there's a short history of the township of Tarnagulla, the goldrush and the cemetery - complete with pictures from around the township. There are maps of the cemetery and its layout, pictures of unknown graves and a list of Chinese burials. But the real power of this format is the list of records from the cemetery. It was based on the official cemetery records and cross referenced with records held from BDM certificates and with AIG records. This makes it one of the most comprehensive lists available.

To top this off, the searchable, alphabetic lists contain links to quality photos of the headstones where available. Well over half of the entires are also accompanied by a link to the photo of the headstone.

You can see what I mean in the images below.

A simple search and layout

A sample photo from the first entry

Selecting the image will usually result in a enlarged version of the photo being available - close enough for you to read the inscriptions for yourself!

The same format is used for the Waanyarra pages. Once again a comprehensive list of burials and photos with additional background on Waanyarra.

This is a wonderful addition to the many great resources out there and is truly an impressive work. Tom, Libby, Ian and Pat have obviously spent countless hours putting this together and are to be commended for their work, which no doubt benefits not only us - but future generations to come.

And to top all this off - you can own your own copy!

You can contact Ian at the following email address (info.graves@gmail.com) if you have any questions or wish to purchase the Tarnagulla and Waanyarra Cemeteries CD. The price is $25 posted.