Why I created this site?

There are a couple of reasons that I set about creating this Tarnagulla web site. The first is as a way of sharing the vast amount of information that I was given from my grandfather, Donald W. Clark. He spent a large portion of his life collecting records, stories and researching individual family histories from around the Tarnagulla district. Our family lived in and around Tarnagulla for 5 generations from 1858 until 1990. This site is dedicated to my Grandfather, and the spirit which led him to share as much information as possible with anyone who was interested. Don passed away in April, 2010.

Another reason for putting this site together is in response to the interest generated from the couple of Tarnagulla pages that I had placed on my personal family web site back in the year 2000. I realized that there were enough people interested in Tarnagulla, it's history, it's people and the history of the Victorian Goldrush to warrant a Tarnagulla site of it's own.

Finally, it is my hope that people will be able to learn a little more about the history of Tarnagulla & surrounding districts and maybe even find information on their own families. I trust that this site can be a place where information is shared freely among people who are interested in this unique township. I know the excitement of finding an elusive piece of information that I may not have not have been able to otherwise easily access. It is my hope that some of you may be able to experience this also.

I hope that you enjoy the site as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

Cameron A. Clark.