Tarnagulla War Memorial
"Lest we forget"

War Memorial

The following names appear on the War Memorial situated in Memorial Park.

World War 1

Pte. G. H. Alexander
Sgt. R. Biggs
Pte. E. J. Biggs
Pte. H. Biggs
Pte. G. H. Clark
Pte. A. Emerson
Sgt. C. Fitzgerald
Pte. H. L. Grey
Pte. O. J. Green
Lt. H. B. Alexander
Gnr. W. J. James
Pte. S. O. Norwood
Pte. C. V. Radnell
Pte. G. D. Radnell MM
Pte. J. C. Radnell MM
Pte. A. Runting
Gnr G. Smith
Pte. W. C. Whimpey

World War 2

M. J. Oxley
W. D. A. Riordan
P. R. Mitchell
A. Pugh
G. M. Higgs
C L Younghusband

Photos kindly supplied by Dennis Carnell - September 2000